SAS-4 Features and the Storage Ecosystem

As the demands of data storage has increased, the demands of performance have also increased. SAS has transitioned as these demands increased, doubling the performance of each new generation from the original 3 Gbps to 6 Gbps, to its current generation of 12 Gbps SAS.

The SAS-3 specification which defines 12 Gbps SAS, along with the PCIe Gen3 storage ecosystem, has reached its maximum bandwidth capacity. The next generation of products, due to hit the market late next year, will feature industry leading throughput with 24G SAS, maximizing the use of PCIe Gen4, eliminating storage bottlenecks.

  • Double the effective storage bandwidth
  • Backwards compatibility with 12 Gbps (SAS) & 6 Gbps (SAS/SATA)
  • Preserves the existing SAS Value Proposition, including: Dependability, Scalability, Flexibility, and Economical
  • Protects your storage investment

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