Free Executive Brief: Understanding the Value of SAS-3

Until now, traditional storage solutions have not been fast enough or flexible enough to keep up with storage performance and scalability demands.

Find out how SAS-3 adoption is changing this problem and meeting today’s diverse and demanding hyperscale and storage infrastructure requirements, by allowing companies to:

Balance scale and performance, offering reliability, scalability, security, and availability for critical applications.
Supports a variety of use cases including provide access to cost-effective cold data storage and mixed-use application servers.
Lowers infrastructure costs and total cost of ownership (TCO) by needing less hardware, reducing power costs, and offering full backwards compatibility.

Figure 1: Cold Storage Server with
Cascaded Expanders and High Capacity HDDs

Figure 2: Application Server with High
Performance SSDs and High Capacity HDDs

Microsemi® Corporation has a full portfolio of 12 Gbps SAS-3 solutions and a rich roadmap of future solutions for both SAS-3 and SAS-4, including RAID Adapters, Host Bus Adapters and SAS expander.

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