NTP Time Server: SyncServer S600

The new SyncServer S600 GPS / GNSS, Stratum 1 network time server with security-hardened NTP Reflector™ technology improves the security, accuracy and the reliability of the time services on the network for IT network administrators working to provide network time services in hardened network operations.

Introducing the Latest in NTP and PTP Time Server Innovation

SyncServer S600

The S600 network time server is purpose built to deliver exact hardware-based Network Time Protocol (NTP) and Precise Time Protocol (PTP) timestamps. The unparalleled accuracy and security is rounded out with outstanding ease-of-use features for reliable network time services ready to meet the needs of the user network and business operations today, and in the future.

Network Time Server: SyncServer S600 Highlights

  • Highly secure NTP solution with Microsemi's security-hardened, high-availability NTP Reflector technology capable of 360,000 requests per second
  • GbE and 10GbE LAN ports for advanced interoperability and ease of use
  • High accuracy NTP hardware time-stamping is standard
  • PTP time stamping hardware included in all SyncServers to future proof investment
  • Accurate, secure and reliable alternative for timing synchronization compared to obtaining time over the open internet to NIST time servers
  • Easy-to-use modern web interface

Network Time Server: SyncServer S600 Key Features

High Availability NTP time server

Stratum 1 Operations via GNSS satellites

Best-in-class security, reliability, accuracy, and ease of management

Network Time Server Family

SyncServer S650

Modular NTP Time Server with IRIG-B, 10 MHz, 1PPS and many more timing outputs, including IEEE 1588 PTP server and slave operations. Ideal as a multipurpose timing synchronization standard for network-based and direct connect timing systems.

SyncServer S80

Fully integrated, GPS referenced NTP Time Server designed as the cost effective NTP solution for small isolated networks such as video surveillance, physical security, and seaborne applications.

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SyncServer S600


MiFID II Financial Regulations Synchronized with the Latest Timekeeping Technology

Describes a three-faceted timekeeping solution architecture—consisting of a PTP server as grandmaster, PTP timing slave, and time monitoring/auditing server – all designed to address the growing need for the required level of accuracy to UTC.

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Security-Hardened, High-Availability NTP Reflector and Packet Limiting/Monitoring for SyncServer S600

The SyncServer S600 series implements real-time, hardware-based NTP network packet processing in tandem with general packet limiting and alarming. This assures ongoing operations in the face of a DoS attack while protecting the CPU from nefarious actions as can happen with public internet time servers.

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Looking for a precision time and frequency standard for IRIG, 10 MHz and other signals? Check out our new GPS-referenced SyncServer S650.

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