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SyncServer S600

Industry mandates for highly accurate and traceable time are only growing more stringent. The European Union’s MiFID II goes into effect in January 2018, requiring synchronization of high-frequency trading systems to within 100 microseconds of UTC with 1-microsecond precision granularity. The U.S. SEC is also actively tightening requirements related to clock accuracy, granularity and maximum clock drift in financial trading systems.

Microsemi, the world leader in precise time solutions, offers a complete portfolio of NTP and PTP time servers, including the SyncServer S600. A GPS/GNSS, Stratum 1 network time server with security-hardened NTP Reflector™ technology, the S600 delivers the clock accuracy and drift performance to keep you well within the requirements mandated by ESMA, FINRA and the SEC.

The Stratum 1-level S600 derives nanosecond accurate time directly from the atomic clocks aboard GNSS satellites. With an optional rubidium atomic clock upgrade, the system can maintain the time for an extended period if GPS is unavailable, making it highly unlikely that it exceeds the drift limit before you have time to resolve the availability issue.

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SyncServer S600

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