BlueSkyTM GNSS Firewall

Protects against GNSS Vulnerabilities

GPS revolutionized the world with its ability to provide an accurate, reliable and cost-effective positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) service with global coverage. Its rapid adoption and widespread proliferation enhances our way of life, but has also led to dependency on GPS to maintain that way of life.

This widespread deployment of GPS makes it impractical to replace all fielded GPS systems in a timely or cost-effective manner. The vulnerability of GPS systems to various signal incidents is well documented. The BlueSkyTM GNSS Firewall solves the problem of protecting already deployed systems by providing a cost-effective overlay solution installed between existing GNSS antennas and GPS systems.

GPS Firewall


    Identifies and protects GPS systems from spoofing and jamming
    Integrates seamlessly between GNSS antenna & GPS system
    Optional MAC (Miniature Atomic Clock) for enhanced threat detection and holdover
    1PPS and 10MHz timing reference inputs for extended holdover
    Upgradeable Software in addition to secure and easy-to-use web interface
    Seamless integration with TimePictra with BlueSky Performance Monitoring

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