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Medical-Wearable Wireless: Increased Needed for Remote Monitoring and Disease Management

Did you know that with the increased need for remote patient monitoring and disease management, there is an opportunity to provide wireless patient monitoring solutions to enable a more comfortable recovery experience Read more »

Advancing Patient Diagnostics, Monitoring & Care with Medical RF Solutions

We are committed to medical solutions that advance patient diagnostics, RF remote monitoring options and care. As a result, we’ve engineered our technologies and services portfolio to enable smaller, smarter and more reliable solutions Read more »

Wireless Communication and Radio Frequency to Monitor Patients: Mobile, Flexible, and Easy to Use

Wireless communications and radio frequency (RF) technologies play an increasingly important role in mobile patient monitoring, whether for pulse, blood pressure, glucose levels or other biometric parameters. This mobility, flexibility and ease of use are fundamental Read more »

Ultra-Low-Power (ULP) Radio Technology Enables Medical Wireless Sensor Networks

Sustaining Continuous Monitoring Using Low-Cost Batteries

Today’s sensor and monitoring solutions for wireless personal area networks (WPANs) and wireless body area networks (WBANs) can support continuous data streaming with Read more »