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Protect Your Critical Infrastructure from GNSS Spoofing and Jamming

While the use of GNSS based time has become more vital for critical infrastructure operations, the security of the GNSS signal itself has become increasingly vulnerable to a wide range of jamming and spoofing threats, both intentional and unintentional. Given the inherently fragile nature of the GNSS signal, an important way Read more »

NTP Time Servers: Is it IRIG or iRig? No Matter, Innovations are Happening with Both

Invariably, things change. Profound I know, but even in the world of the venerable IRIG timecode there is a new search engine contender, iRig. Granted, a new guitar interface adapter for your smart phone app is a far cry from a waveform used to synchronize instrumentation, but even in IRIG there are revolutionary changes happening. Read more »

Banking Security Eclipses Accuracy in a Network Time Server

Things change in unexpected ways, even in network time servers, which in their most basic form are “just clocks.” Back in the day, new software releases came out chock full of new features and, to a lesser extent, bug fixes. We promoted those new features and benefits Read more »

5 Essential Elements of Network Time Synchronization: Element 4 (Part 6 of 8)

The Five Elements – Part 4: Robust Network Time Management

Managing a network of devices as a whole is different from managing specific devices. The availability and reliability of accurate time across the entire network—not just a part of it—must be guaranteed. Read more »

5 Essential Elements of Network Time Synchronization: Element 2 (Part 4 of 8)

The Five Elements – Part 2: A Timekeeping Architecture that Fits

Acquiring UTC from GPS requires taking the signal off the air and delivering it to the clients (PCs, workstations, servers, controllers, etc.) that rely on accurate time Read more »