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5 Reasons Why C-RAN Matters to Everyone

stanley park

Author: Scott Wakelin

Much has been written in the trade press recently about how mobile network operators, like Verizon Wireless and AT&T in the U.S., Orange in France, or China Mobile in, well, China) are looking at a new architecture for how they build their networks, which is called C-RAN, or Centralized Radio Access Network.

All subscribers of mobile services should care about C-RAN, and here are my 5 reasons why.

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The Drive for a Higher Capacity Mobile Network

Author: Scott Wakelin

communication tower

Mobile operators worldwide are investigating new architectures in the Radio Access Network to increase capacity and reduce costs. The C-RAN architecture is the leading solution to this challenge. With C-RAN, baseband processing is moved out of the cell site and into a central location, which creates a new challenge: how to cost-effectively extend the Common Public Radio Interface (CPRI) to the centralized baseband location – a function the industry has named Fronthaul.

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Impacts of LTE on PTN Mobile Backhaul

Author: Babak Samimi

While carriers worldwide are embracing the new 4G/LTE era, PTN, the mobile backhaul technology, is in need of essential upgrades to address complex networking challenges. Some Network Diagram LTE Backhaulof the challenges might be big enough to spark a PTN technology revolution.

Carriers are moving to LTE for its much faster data rate to cope with ever-increasing mobile data traffic. So it’s no surprise that the backhaul network needs to scale up in capacity and performance to match LTE. With multiple simultaneous technology inflection points from radio to backhaul, the complexities introduced to address these needs are opening doors for innovation.

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