Optimized for SDS, Cold Storage, and raw High-Performance Connectivity

From enterprise servers using internalized data storage, to data centers using external data storage, the Microsemi Adaptec HBA 1100 family provides a robust, stable, and scalable solution that can handle the toughest system workloads and configurations.

The HBA 1100 12 Gbps host bus adapters have an 8-lane PCIe Gen3 host bus interface, SmartIOC 2100 processor, MD2 low-profile form factor, and can be scaled to a maximum of 256 SAS/SATA devices*. Not only does the HBA 1100 series offer over a 40% power savings compared to previous generations and significant power advantages versus competing solutions, HBA 1100 adapters can aggregate the performance of devices to the limits of the PCIe Gen3 host bus at 6.6 Gbps, and achieve up to 1.7M IOPS without additional overhead or latency.

Available with its broad operating system support and ecosystem compatibility, the HBA 1100 is easy to implement and scale, connecting up to 24 internal or external storage devices. The unified maxView management tools and drivers across the Microsemi HBA, RAID, and expander solutions enable easy manageability across the entire product line.

**Use of 8 internal ports for connectivity to RAID Adapter or HBA reduces maximum number of ports available for drive connectivity to 20.

• Up to 24 native SAS/SATA ports; internal and external ports; low-profile-MD2 form factor
• 12 Gbps SAS data rates using mini-SAS HD connectors
• Quality and reliability through the unified, hardened Smart Storage stack, which is deployed in over 30 million servers
• Proven compatibility with existing Microsemi Adaptec solutions, multiple operating systems, servers, enclosures, SSDs, HDDs, and LTO tape drives
• Uses the latest 28 nm SmartIOC 2100 SAS/ SATA protocol controller to drive efficiency and performance while also having the industry’s lowest power consumption

Optimized Use Cases:

Data Center SDS server with HBA 1100 and 24 SSDs

Microsemi Advantages

• Support for high density single-controller configurations
• Lower power and higher performance
• Support for vSAN and Storage Spaces Direct

Cold storage server with HBA 1100 and SXP 12G SAS expanders servicing >100 SATA SMR HDDs

Microsemi Advantages
• Low-power solution for reduced TCO in large hyperscale data centers
• SMR support delivers lowest cost for required capacity
• High-quality SerDes (exceeding SAS specifications) enables longer cable reach and lowers PCB costs
• When coupled with the SXP 12G SAS expander:
– Delivers maximum system performance by leveraging SAS edge buffering
– Enables industry’s lowest expander count for drive configurations of hundreds of drives due to highest port count expanders in the industry = Even less power and cost!

To learn more about the HBA 1100 series, please visit us at www.microsemi.com/smartstorage, connect with me on LinkedIn, or contact sales.support@microsemi.com.

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