Redesigned FPGA Fabrics Solve Tough Mid-Range Challenges

New cost, power, and performance demands on FPGAs in a growing variety of mainstream, mid-range systems applications have led to fundamental changes in their design.

Most FPGA vendors tend to focus on data-center workload applications, but a large percentage of users require different architectures for mainstream applications. Vertical markets needing mid-range FPGAs include networking, cellular infrastructure, defense, commercial aviation, industry 4.0, and other traditional FPGA applications. Such applications are driving a new set of dynamics.

System designers must achieve a combination of low power and cost without forfeiting performance and security. This means looking at FPGAs differently, using new process technology choices, device architectures, transceiver strategies, and built-in security measures. Also important is a new fabric design that’s able to meet mainstream performance requirements while minimizing power and cost.

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