Microsemi’s Space Chip-Scale Atomic Clock Update: Customers Appreciate Careful COTS Design

As we continue to introduce Space CSAC to the market, it is important to point out that while customers bring varying requirements when seeking an atomic reference for space missions, they share a curiosity about how the CSAC becomes a Space CSAC. So while Space CSAC is a Commercial Off the Shelf Part (COTS) part available with short lead times, it is important to explain that Microsemi manufactures Space CSAC using Careful COTS methods. Careful COTS bridges the gap between pure COTS and full rad-hard space grade.

Space CSAC Careful COTS approach includes:

• Initial selection of commercial components that are radiation tolerant.
• Ongoing Lot control and screening – before each new batch of Space CSAC is manufactured, samples from specific lots of components are used to build Space CSAC test units that are radiation tested to exceed 20 krad and only if confirmed to be radiation tolerant are those lots then allocated for Space CSAC manufacture.
• Space CSACs then proceed through the normal rigorous CSAC test procedure before release.

While Careful COTS meets the needs of most clients, some clients may also have additional program specific requirements on Space CSAC to create “flight hardware” units that must be subjected to additional screening. Microsemi’s long space pedigree includes skilled test engineers and space qualification facilities that are available to provide optional additional screening services such as temperature cycling, vibration testing, burn-in, and steady-state life testing at elevated temperature. The Clocks Business Unit along with our Piezo Oscillator Product (POP) group, offers clients a unique combination of breakthrough atomic clock technology and full service space qualification services.

So while Space CSAC is known as a COTS product, the full picture is that Microsemi offers a unique rad tolerant atomic reference for space and additional add-on screening services available to meet the needs of the most demanding clients.

Microsemi Space CSAC is listed on the SmallSat Parts On Orbit Now (SPOON) website providing an overview of the current state of the art of small spacecraft technology. The space CSAC is available now with the part number 090-02984-007. Delivery is 12 weeks, ARO.

For further information, contact Stewart Hampton stewart.hampton@microchip.com

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