Microsemi Nears Sampling of LX7712 RT Power Line Protection Device

We are currently evaluating first silicon of our new LX7712 IC. This is a radiation tolerant by design power line protection device for spacecraft applications that can be configured as a latchable current limiter or a fold-back current limiter. It provides a means to turn on or off a DC load with current up to 5A. The LX7712 includes a solid-state P channel MOSFET switch and catch diode; integration allows the temperature of the switch to trigger an optional thermal shutdown. The LX7712 can be configured with just a few external components and multiple devices can be paralleled in a master/slave arrangement to increase the current rating. It is packaged in a 48-pin hermetic HTF package. Samples will be available in calendar Q4 2018.

Please contact dorian.johnson@microchip.com for more information.

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