Meet Microsemi’s New 2115/2215 Sinewave TCXO, the Smallest Space TCXO on the Market

Microsemi’s new 2115/2215 sinewave TCXOs sets the standard for small size, low power, and wide frequency range. The design and manufacturing processes have been optimized to meet demanding 100 krad tolerant requirements for use in deep space applications. The 2115/2215 specifications — including device screening, output format, temperature stability, and supply voltage options — are now part of DOC200103, Rev G which can be downloaded here.

DOC200103 is thoroughly detailed, enabling customers to reduce both design time and overall project cost. Standard part numbers cover a wide variety of product options, eliminating the need for SCD generation and review. The 2115/2215 Sinewave solutions are additions to the already popular 2105/2205 CMOS family. Microsemi’s solutions deliver a powerful combination of performance and miniaturization that will make the 2105/2205 and 2115/2215 series the solutions of choice for future high-reliability reference clock applications. Leveraging Microsemi’s proven history of Class S QPL manufacturing, flight heritage, and leading hybrid TCXO technology, the 2115/2215 offers exceptional reliability, size, and performance for applications ranging from LEO to Deep Space.

Key Advantages
• 100 krad (Si) TID and SEL immune
• 14-lead flatpack with lead forming option
• Smallest space TCXO: 19 mm × 19 mm × 6.6 mm
• Low 8 g typical weight
• Built, screened, and tested to MIL-PRF-55310, Class S (other options available)
• Robust 4-point mount construction
• Class 2 hybrid chip and wire construction
• Class K active devices
• ER passive elements

Key Specifications
• Sinewave output
• Wide output frequency: 10 to 150 MHz
• Low power: 20 mA at 3.3V and 5V
• Frequency Stability: ±2 ppm over -40/85°C
• Low ±5 ppm aging over 15 years (<75 MHz) • Electrical frequency adjustment pin; resistor values provided to set each individual TCXO to nominal frequency (within specified tolerance) For further information contact Scott Murphy

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