Adaptec SmartHBA 2100-24i – HBA-Centric Applications with Mirrored Boot Drives & Basic RAID Support

The Microsemi Adaptec SmartHBA 2100-24i host bus adapter offers maximum connectivity and maximum performance for data centers and servers demanding high bandwidth and I/O connectivity, low power consumption, ultimate levels of performance, and integrated RAID support.

The SmartHBA 2100-24i, with 24 internal ports, is the industry’s only basic RAID solution with more than 8 ports in a combination of RAID and raw devices.

Offering Basic RAID (0, 1, 5, and 10) support, the SmartHBA adapter provides a low-cost option for data center, server, or workstation markets which require the extra performance, storage capacity, and/or redundancy of a RAID configuration.

The SmartHBA 2100-24i is advantageous in SDS environments where hardware RAID significantly increases OS boot reliability, but full HBA features and performance are otherwise needed.

The SmartHBA 2100 also provides enhanced enclosure management capabilities to both RAID and raw devices, and enables enclosure services by providing a virtual SEP to software stacks that allows them to leverage cost efficient SGPIO/IBPI based backplanes, as needed.

SAS-3 and PCIe 3.0 compliant, the SmartHBA 2100-24i is built on Microsemi’s unified Smart Storage stack, utilizing SAS/SATA-optimized silicon 28nm SmartIOC 2100 controllers. The SmartHBA 2100-24i can be used in any server storage application with 12 Gbps SAS or 6 Gbps SATA hard disk drives (HDDs) or solid state drives (SSDs). The Smart Storage SmartHBAs have been optimized to pull the best benefits out of both SSDs (higher performance) and HDDs (power-optimized for colder storage).

The SmartHBA 2100-24i is compatible with existing Microsemi Adaptec solutions, multiple operating systems, servers, enclosures, SSDs, HDDs, and LTO tape drives and backwards compatible.

Key Benefits:

• Industry’s only basic RAID solution with more than 8 ports

• Basic RAID without compromising on the requirement for a fully featured and functional HBA, which is required for multi-path IO and SDS applications

• Mixed mode enables drives to be independently configured as raw drives or as part of a logical volume

• True hardware RAID for RAID 0,1, 5 and RAID 10, ensures minimal CPU involvement

• Performance of up to 1.7 million random read IOPS with extremely low-latency

• Support for host-managed and host-aware shingled magnetic recording (SMR) drives

• Unified maxView management tools and drivers enable easy manageability

• Broad operating system (OS) driver support, including inbox driver support

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