Join Microsemi at Open Data Center Committee (ODCC) in Beijing, China

10.16.2018 – 10.17.2018
Beijing, China

Product experts will showcase Switchtec™PAX PCIe Advanced Fabric Switches and next- generation Switchtec™ Gen4 PCIe Switches.

Dong Zhang will represent Microsemi presenting at ODCC’s sub-forum on Wednesday, October 17th from 10:30 am – 10:50 am.

The new generation Switchtec™ Gen 4 PCIe switches, enable customers to build next-generation high performance, low latency interconnect solutions in high growth markets including machine learning, data center servers and storage equipment.

Microsemi Switchtec™ PAX Advanced Fabric PCIe Switches are programmable and high-reliable switches supporting high performance PCIe fabric connectivity, multi-host sharing of SR-IOV endpoints, up to 96 lanes, 48 ports, 24 virtual switch partitions, and hot- and surprise-plug controllers for each port. The switch family also features advanced error containment, comprehensive diagnostics and debug capabilities, a wide breadth of I/O interfaces, and an integrated MIPS processor. PAX switches utilize a system-on-chip architecture that optionally enables customer differentiated solutions through firmware customization and enhancements. Applications for the PAX family include scalable multi-host systems, SR-IOV enabled JBOFs, composable, disaggregated systems and rack scale architectures.

The next generation of Gen4 PCIe switches offer high density and reliability as well as low power, providing customers a quick time to market solution with field-proven Switchtec firmware and a chip architecture enabling significant re-use of customers’ investments in Switchtec management software, drivers, firmware and system design.

Product Highlights:

• Microsemi’s proven track record of reliable, real-time firmware for enterprise storage/server products
• 5th generation MIPS-based control plane architecture
• 2nd generation PCIe switch firmware
– Dual-core 1GHz MIPS interAptiv CPU provides a high-performance platform for firmware customization
– Trident firmware leverages all the hot-plug testing and hardening performed on our Gen 3 switches
– Best in Class end-to-end debugging Includes datacenter-deployable forensics utilities for debugging system issues in the field at scale

Contact Information
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