Microsemi’s Smart Home Solution: Network Camera Application

Network Camera Application: Easily configure the network camera to support two-way audio and surveillance to detect alarms using AcuEdge™ IP Camera audio solution.

Designed for world-class high definition (HD) voice applications, Microsemi’s new ZL380 series of audio processors features the company’s Microsemi AcuEdge™ technology. Microsemi AcuEdge consists of license-free, royalty-free intelligent audio IP algorithms. This innovative set of highly-complex and integrated algorithms allow users to extract more information from the audio environment. When combined with Microsemi’s highly-integrated ZL380 audio processors, the solution accelerates customers’ time-to-market via validated reference design and easy-to-use development tools including the Microsemi Audio Interface Box (AIB) Kit which utilizes the MiTuner™ GUI software.

Microsemi’s high-performance audio processors enable the streamlined development of IP cameras with HD voice capability and two-way hands-free audio. Microsemi’s AcuEdge technology integrates industry-leading features and dedicated firmware to deliver high-quality hands-free voice performance while reducing system design complexity.

For DVR (Digital Video Recorders), NVR (Network Video Recorders) or security camera users, monitoring multiple video feeds for certain incidents, crimes or events is a challenge. Adding audio processors to surveillance cameras enables security personnel in the control room to make judgment calls on security concerns. Microsemi AcuEdge technology offers audio enhancement for more accurate monitoring, delivering excellent performance in double-talk situations. While most solutions deliver only half-duplex operation, Microsemi’s proprietary algorithm is able to continuously converge and track changes in the echo path to support full duplex operation during double-talk situations.

ZL38050 – Designed to support advanced acoustic echo canceller and noise reduction
ZL38051 – Supporting advanced features such as far-field microphone, sound locator, beam forming, acoustic echo canceller and noise reduction
ZL38052 – Engineered to detect T3 smoke alarms, T4 carbon monoxide alarms, glass breaking sounds
ZL38AMB – Designed specifically to support Ambarella video processors
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