Microsemi’s Smart Home Solution: Smart Light Application and Smart Blind Application

Easily control your lighting in the home to change the mood for evening candlelight dinner or family activity and also effortlessly adjust the blinds shading in your home using AcuEdge™ ASR audio processor.

Designed for world-class high definition voice applications, Microsemi’s new ZL380 series of audio processors features the company’s Microsemi AcuEdge™ Technology. This innovative technology is a set of highly-complex and integrated algorithms that allows the user to extract more information from the audio environment. The new Microsemi AcuEdge™ Technology consists of license-free, royalty-free intelligent audio IP algorithms. When combined with Microsemi’s highly-integrated ZL380 series of audio processors, the solution accelerates customers’ time-to-market via validated reference design and MiTuner™ GUI software.

Microsemi’s Timberwolf hardware provides a platform that combine Microsemi’s Acuedge™ audio enhancement algorithm (ASR Assist) with Sensory’s Truly Handfree™ voice control solution. Microsemi’s AcuEdge™ technology significantly improves Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) for both embedded and cloud based ASR solutions allowing extended range detection in noisy environment and provide exceptional barge-in performance. Microsemi’s Timberwolf™ and AcuEdge™ enhance the user experience for audio applications in connected home, IP cameras, set top boxes, wearables and many other applications.


● Speaker independent automatic speech recognition
● Enrolled Fixed trigger
● User defined (Speaker dependent) Trigger
● Pass Phrase Detection
● Wake-on-trigger signal to enable full-duplex voice communication
● Audio barge-in
● Noise Reduction
● Far field microphone processing
● Two-way audio

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