Microsemi’s Smart Home Solution

Microsemi’s AcuEdge™ acoustic technology featuring advanced Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) Assist technology for enabling voice control and other audio enhancement for the Smart Home. Using voice interface, you can easily connect with your smart home devices to deliver content through your home entertainment system, adjust the lighting in the kitchen or detect alarms and send a notification to your mobile.

Smart Light Application
Easily control your lighting in the home to change the mood for evening candlelight dinner or family activity using AcuEdge™ ASR audio processor

Smart Blind Application
Effortlessly adjust the blinds shading in your home using AcuEdge™ ASR audio processor

Smart Panel Application
Enable two-way audio for intercom and adding voice control for home automation with AcuEdge™ Connected Home audio solution

Network Camera Application
Easily configure the network camera to support two-way audio and surveillance to detect alarms using AcuEdge™ IP Camera audio solution

Unified Communications Application
Enable carrier-quality full-duplex audio for voice communication using AcuEdge™ IP Phone and USB audio solution

Air Conditioner Application
Using AcuEdge™ ASR voice control to adjust the temperature comfort of your home

Smart Speaker Application
AcuEdge™ ASR audio processor enables barge-in with voice commands while in music playback mode and 360 degree listening with single, two or three microphones configuration

Set Top Box Application
Using AcuEdge™ ASR audio processor you can enable far-field voice recognition to control the TV content through the set top box

Watch for more articles in the coming days on Microsemi’s smart home solution.

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