Five Dangers of Poor Network Timekeeping: Conclusion (Part 10 of 10)

Over the past weeks, I’ve written about the negative consequences of running out-of-sync computers in a network. The dangers are many and include:

Danger: Operational Failure

Danger: Data Loss

Danger: Security Holes

Danger: Legal Liability

Danger: Loss of Credibility

Danger: Providing Good Network Time including Redundant Time Sources

In conclusion, when most executives today talk about time management or operating on Internet time, they may not think about the reality behind those expressions. There is, in fact, a real Internet time. There is also a real need to maintain correct time within the computer network—which is, after all, the digital equivalent of your organization’s nervous system. Given the importance of time, it should not be surprising that there are actual consequences for letting network time go unmanaged, and that these consequences can be serious. These consequences matter at both the technical and the business level. What is perhaps the most surprising is that, for such a potentially dangerous issue, there is available a simple, effective, and extremely low cost remedy. As organizations and processes become even more highly synchronized, the importance of network timekeeping will only grow— and so will the application of time servers.

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