Five Dangers of Poor Network Timekeeping + Easy and Cost Effective Solutions (Part 7 of 10)

Loss of Credibility

Behind all of these dangers looms perhaps the greatest danger of all—loss of credibility in the marketplace. This seems obvious: the more operations fail, the more data that is lost, the more security breaches that occur, or the more legal liability that is incurred, the harder it will be to attract business. Companies will be so busy fighting fires, they won’t have time left to focus on customers—many of whom will likely be upset anyway because they were the ones affected by the failed operation, lost data, security breach or illegal violation.

But none of these lapses need to actually cause harm in order for a business to sustain a significant competitive loss due to inadequate timekeeping. Companies lose even when they just look uncompetitive. Time synchronization is an obvious priority for any audit of a company’s operations—whether conducted by its own accounting firm or a large potential customer wishing to investigate the operational fitness of its commercial partners. Such audits are increasingly popular among supply chain partners, given the degree to which different companies’ systems can become interdependent. Companies want to make sure they are not exposing themselves to security issues or system meltdowns caused by others’ inattention to timekeeping. It’s one thing when a poorly written website crashes a PC at home. It’s another when the same thing happens to a just-in-time parts ordering system at the plant.

The good news in all of this is that timekeeping solutions can be easy to implement, inexpensive, and extremely effective at stopping any and all of these threats. With respect to questions from potential customers or business partners, sometimes the only thing required to prove competency is to say that a particular timekeeping solution is already in place—analogous to having a security company’s sticker on the windows of your
home. This brings up the topic of the rest of this paper, which is that: what are the requirements for a good timekeeping solution and how do organizations satisfy them?

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The next article in this series will go into providing good network time.

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Legal Liability

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