Microsemi HBA, SmartHBA & SmartRAID Product Naming Convention

In the Smart Storage product family, each character of the product name identifies a product feature of that model.

For example, in the fictional product below, the 3154-8i8e /e would be a SmartRAID 2nd generation RAID adapter with tethered super-cap cache protection, and a 4 GB DDR4 cache size. This adapter has 8 internal ports and 8 external ports and would be available with controller-based encryption.

Now it is your turn? What are the product features of our new 3162-8i /e adapter?

If you said:

• SmartRAID
• 2nd generation RAID adapter
• Onboard mounted super-cap cache protection
• 2GB DDR4 cache size
• 8 internal ports
• Available with controller-based encryption

Congratulations, you are correct!

The combination of the company’s unified Smart Storage stack, SmartRAID 3162 RAID adapters, SmartRAID 3100 RAID adapters, SmartHBA 2100 Host Bus Adapters, HBA 1100 Host Bus Adapters, and SmartROC, SmartIOC,and SXP family of SAS Expanders provide a complete server solution for storage management and connectivity.

For additional information, please visit www.microsemi.com/smartstorage, or contact sales.support@microsemi.com.

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