Is Your Data at Risk?

Data security has become one of the highest priorities for data centers and cloud computing environments as they seek to safeguard customer information, classified company documentation and communications, financial records, employee payroll records, and other confidential data.

Solutions for data-at-rest encryption are now a security requirement in many market segments such as health care, finance, e-commerce, federal government branches, and insurance—representing a significant overall percentage of the deployed storage. In fact, government legislation is now in place mandating data security and privacy.

Data center managers face the challenge of safeguarding data while still meeting continually-increasing performance demands for large-scale applications such as web serving, file serving, databases, online transaction processing (OLTP), machine learning, and high-performance computing (HPC).

Microsemi’s evolutionary maxCrypto™ controller based encryption technology, available on the Microsemi SmartROC 3100 and SmartIOC 2100 controllers, is now also available on the industry’s first readily available CBE adapters, the 12 Gbps SmartRAID 3162 RAID Adapters.

The SmartRAID 3162-8i /e RAID adapters offer the most secure, high performance solution for data centers requiring maximum I/O connectivity and low latency. MaxCrypto™ ensures that customer sensitive data is encrypted and protected by secure 256-bit AES, in-line encryption. As soon as the unique maxCrypto™ key associated with a specific controller is removed, data is unreadable.

Highlights of Smart Storage maxCrypto

• Efficient—one adapter encrypts multiple drives, reducing capital expenses and deployment complexity
• Flexible—compatible with all brands of SAS and SATA HDDs and SSDs, and can be enabled on any type of RAID volume
• Uniform security policy—allows data centers to deploy a single, scalable encryption strategy across the entire enterprise
• Highly secure—encrypted data path from the adapter to the drive media
• Multi-tenant security—unique encryption keys per logical volume
• Line-rate speeds with minimal impact on latency or performance
• Does not require separate key management software
• Superior cryptography
• 256-bit XTS-AES encryption
• Tweak value per LBA (encryption key is altered per LBA making the encryption very difficult to break)
• Disk capacity remains unaltered

Enabling maxCrypto encryption for one or more logical volumes attached to the adapter is easy. Using the security administrative role of maxCrypto, the encryption functionality is enabled by entering a master passphrase. Logical volumes can then be created with encryption enabled or disabled utilizing the Smart Storage management tools. Per the security policy of the data center, the same master key passphrase can be used for all adapters in the data center or, alternatively, unique passphrases may be used. Migrating encrypted drives from one adapter to another is as easy as re-entering the matching master passphrase in the replacement adapter.

Once enabled, the encrypted data is inaccessible without the matching master passphrase and a maxCrypto-enabled adapter. Because it operates automatically (in the background), maxCrypto does not interfere with day-to-day storage operations such as drive replacement and logical drive creation or common tasks associated with storage administration.

To learn more about maxCrypto, please see our Microsemi Adaptec maxCrypto Technical Brief.

The 3162-8i /e is now available for purchase. For additional information, please visit, or contact

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