Microsemi’s New SmartROC 3200 and SmartIOC 2200 16 Nanometer (nm) Storage Controllers

Microsemi has announced its new SmartROC 3200 and SmartIOC 2200 16 nanometer (nm) storage controllers, as well as associated firmware and software development tools.

As the industry’s first ROC and IOC with PCIe Gen 4 and 24G SAS (SAS-4) support, the new devices are specifically designed to meet the demanding PCIe Gen 4 requirements for mainstream central processing unit (CPU) peripheral interconnect, expected to start in late 2019.

Microsemi’s new 16 nm storage devices address the need to use an ROC or IOC for HBA or RAID applications for universal bay servers which need to accommodate PCIe Gen 4 NVMe, 24G SAS or 6G serial advanced technology attachment (SATA) solid state drives (SSDs) or hard disk drives (HDDs). As the first storage controller solutions to deliver enough bandwidth to saturate the 16-lane PCIe Gen 4 interface to the CPU, they also offer DCM for near 100 percent-efficient aggregation of 24G SAS, SAS-3, SAS-2 and SATA over 24 G SAS lanes when interoperating with Microsemi’s 24G SAS expanders.

The first IOC and ROC with SAS-4, the SmartROC 3200 and SmartIOC 2200 remove storage bottlenecks which inhibit the ability to saturate PCI Gen 4 host interfaces in larger storage configurations. The devices also carry forward the value of Microsemi’s Smart Storage Stack, including storage management tools and maxCrypto controller-based encryption. The 16 nm storage controllers provide trusted platform support, a new level of platform security featuring hardware root of trust. These advanced security offerings, deemed mandatory for future storage deployments, are aligned with organizations like the Open Compute Security Project.

Product Availability

The SmartROC 3200 and SmartIOC 2200, which both come with complementary development boards, firmware, drivers and management tools, will be available for sampling in September 2018. For additional information, visit this Microsemi Smart Storage page. For pricing or to purchase products, contact sales.support@microsemi.com.

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