Switchtec PFX Gen3 PCIe Fanout Switches: Industry’s Highest-Density, Lowest Power PCIe Switch

Switchtec PFX Gen3 PCIe fanout switches provide the industry’s highest-density, lowest power PCIe switch for data center, communications, workstation, and video production applications. With simple hardware configuration, advanced diagnostics and debug capabilities, the PFX enables PCIe solutions for a wide variety of systems, from just a bunch of flash (JBOF) to general purpose applications requiring low-power and high-reliability PCIe switching.

Switchtec PFX-I Extended Industrial Temperature Gen3 PCIe Fanout Switches

The Switchtec™ PFX-I extended industrial temperature Gen3 PCIe fanout switches support the full feature set of the PFX switch with an extended industrial temperature operating* range of –40 °C (Ta) to 105 °C (Tj). The Switchtec PFX-I switch family has passed thermal cycle testing, interval testing at various extreme temperatures and vigorous temperature humidity testing of several hundred hours to ensure durability at different humidity levels and wide temperature ranges. The new PM857x PFX-I PCIe switches are designed to operate in harsher environments demanded by applications including automation, defense, healthcare and industrial computing.

Switchtec PFX-L Fanout-Lite Gen3 PCIe Switches

Microsemi Switchtec PFX-L fanout-lite PCIe switches support up to 96 lanes, 24 ports, x4/x8/x16 port bifurcation, two non-transparent bridges (NTBs), hot-plug controllers, advanced diagnostics and debug, end-to-end data integrity, SRIS, and low power. The PFX-L switches maintain footprint compatibility with the PFX switch family. Typical applications for the PFX-L include data center equipment, defense and industrial servers, workstations, test equipment, video production and broadcasting equipment, cellular infrastructure, access networks, metro networks, and core networking.

Switchtec PSX Gen3 PCIe Storage Switches

Microsemi Switchtec PSX PCIe storage switches are engineered to scale PCIe flash in high-performance, robust storage systems, providing the industry’s highest-density, lowest power, high-reliability switch, and is also the first programmable PCIe switch with an integrated processor. Using the PSX Software Development Kit (SDK), customers can enhance PCIe switch functionality and customize error handling.

Switchtec PAX Gen3 Advanced Fabric PCIe Switches

The Microsemi Switchtec™ PAX Gen3 Advanced Fabric PCIe Switch family comprises programmable and high-reliability PCIe Gen3 switches supporting high performance PCIe fabric connectivity, multi-host sharing of SR-IOV endpoints, up to 96 lanes, 48 ports, 24 virtual switch partitions, and hot- and surprise-plug controllers for each port. The switch family also features advanced error containment, comprehensive diagnostics and debug capabilities, a wide breadth of I/O interfaces, and an integrated MIPS processor. PAX switches utilize a system-on-chip architecture that optionally enables customer differentiated solutions through firmware customization and enhancements. Applications for the PAX family include scalable multi-host systems, SR-IOV enabled JBOFs, composable, disaggregated systems and rack scale architectures.

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