Microsemi Introduces and Enhances Space-Qualified Oscillators

Microsemi has introduced several new space-qualified oscillator products, which are defined in the documents below.

DOC206906, Rev B – initial release of space-qualified LVPECL VCSO offering up to 1 GHz
DOC207139, Rev A – initial release of space-qualified LVDS TCXO offering with single/dual complementary output up to 200 MHz

In addition, specifications for several oscillators have been enhanced, including extended operating frequency ranges and new packaging with smaller form factors:

DOC206559, Rev B – preliminary release extends space-qualified sinewave VCSO offering from 1.1 GHz to 1.5 GHz
DOC204898, Rev C – official release extends space-qualified LVPECL VCXO offering from 320 MHz to 700 MHz
DOC204900, Rev D – official release introduces miniature 10 mm x 13mm options (1403/1419) with the same performance

For more information, contact scott.murphy@microsemi.com.

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