Demonstration Platform Developed to Showcase the LX7730 Telemetry Controller and the RTG4 FPGA

Microsemi has developed a demonstration platform that showcases the LX7730 telemetry controller and the RTG4 FPGA, reading and processing data from six sensors located on a companion board.

These sensors measure temperature, pressure, distance, magnetic field strength, light, and acceleration. The RTG4 has been instantiated with a RISC-V processor IP core that reads the user commands from a supplied GUI through a UART and sends commands to the SPI interface block to configure and read registers from the LX7730. The RISC-V core also reads ADC raw data through an FSM and performs mathematical computations to give values equivalent to these six physical elements.

A video of this demonstration can be viewed on our website.

For additional information, check out our article in SatMagazine: Improving Space Systems Designs Using FPGAs with RISC-V Core.

For more information, connect with Ken O’Neill on LinkedIn or Dorian Johnson also on LinkedIn.

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