The Connected Home: Reverse Power Feed (RPF), Wireless LAN RF ICs, and Line Drivers (Part 4 of 4)

The last in this series of four articles, today I’d like to talk about reverse power feed (RPF), wirless LAN RF ICs, and line drivers as related to the connected home.

Reverse Power Feed (RPF)

Reverse power feed (RPF) technology allows service providers to deploy xDSL DSLAMs virtually anywhere, without the need to deploy local power. Microsemi is the only supplier of RPF systems and IC’s for customer premises equipment (CPE) and the distribution point units (DPU). Microsemi’s RPF solution allows low cost, safe, and reliable power injection and extraction over xDSL including VDSL2,, and It is compatible with DSL bonding and vectoring, and covers 1-line DPU’s reverse power fed by 1 CPE as well as multi-line DPU’s featuring Microsemi’s FairPower™ for equal power sharing of all RPF CPE’s.

Wireless LAN RF ICs

Microsemi’s WLAN (Wi-Fi) RF IC’s portfolio for broadband gateways includes front-end modules (FEMs), power amplifiers (PAs), and linear amplifiers (LNAs) required to implement an RF front-end. Combinations include one or more power amplifiers with both input/output impedance matching, a switch, and one or more low noise amplifiers. Microsemi’s WLAN RF IC’s can be found in multiple IEEE802.11a/b/g/n/ac reference designs by the leading WLAN baseband SoC suppliers.

Line Drivers

Microsemi has been a supplier of line drivers for xDSL technologies since 2001. Starting with ADSL, Microsemi now supports every xDSL standard inlcuding, ADSL2+, and VDSL2 with extremly energy efficient and long range capable products. Microsemi’s new power line communications line drivers support the and HomePlug AV2 standards with bandwidths of up to 110 Mhz, for Classes AB and GH.

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