The Connected Home: Delivering the Right Connectivity Solutions for Voice, Data, and Power (Part 3 of 4)

Third in this series of articles, I’d like to share information today on voice line circuits and Power over Ethernet (PoE) as related to enabling the connected home.

The miSLIC™ series provides the most economical solution for adding two channels of voice to broadband applications, such as residential gateways, DSL integrated access devices (IAD), cable embedded multimedia terminal adapters (eMTAs), and fiber to the premise (FTTX) applications. The miSLIC series supports ringing and system power management, enabling energy efficient control of two telephone lines and meeting the European Code of Conduct specifications. The miSLIC device together with the patented shared buck boost automatic battery switching (BBABS) power supply design are Microsemi’s most economical RBOM for two channels of voice.

The VE950 series offers high-performance, voice-over-broadband SLIC devices with universal differential ringing and codec interfaces optimized for short loop, powersensitive applications. The VE950 products are designed to interface to residential gateway SoCs with integrated analog codecs.

Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Microsemi has been pioneering Power over Ethernet since 1999, with the invention of Power over LAN™. Microsemi has the broadest Power over Ethernet product line covering PoE IC’s that send power (PSE), receive power (PD), and complete systems that inject Power over Ethernet in an intelligent way (Midspans). Microsemi’s products support IEEE802.3af-2003, IEEE802.3at-2009 in both 30 W and 60 W versions, Energy Efficient Power over Ethernet, and the 95 W Power over HDBaseT™ (PoH) standard. Microsemi’s PoE PSE product line includes IC’s and modules that can be used to build PoE switches and routers (Endspans) from 1 to 96 ports in a single power management system. Microsemi provides the most energy efficient and cost effective solutions to build PD’s consuming up to 95 W over a single Category 5/5E/6/6A/7 cable. PD applications achieve best-in-class power and thermal performance using Microsemi’s fully integrated smallest footprint dual pack Idea Diode Bridge IC’s. Microsemi’s midspans can be used in indoor and outdoor deployments, with advanced network management and energy efficient PoE models.

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