RISC-V: Opening a New Era of Innovation for Embedded Design

This article explores the benefits behind RISC-V’s open-source hardware model, discussing it’s longevity, portability, and reliability.

The momentum behind RISC-V for embedded applications is undeniable. Today, the RISC-V Foundation has over 100 companies behind the free and open RISC-V instruction set architecture (ISA), and its membership is growing rapidly as more tools, software, hardware, and operating system vendors jump on board. With its expanding ecosystem, RISC-V gives both software and hardware designers a convincing alternative to incumbent embedded processors, sparking a new era in processor innovation in embedded designs as adoption grows.

This article originally appeared on AllAboutCircuits.com. Go here to read the full article, “RISC-V: Opening a New Era of Innovation for Embedded Design.”

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