Microsemi’s AcuEdge™ Development Kit for Amazon Alexa AVS

The Microsemi AcuEdge™ Development Kit for Amazon AVS is engineered to help evaluate voice-enabled front-end audio systems for Alexa-enabled products. The development kit features a Microsemi audio processor ZL38063 powered by our proprietary AcuEdge™ technology for front-end audio clean-up and preloaded “Alexa” wake-word detection.

The ZLK38AVS2 Kit provides a platform that integrates Microsemi AcuEdge™ multi-microphone array ASR-Assist technology with Amazon AVS and includes the following:

• ZLE38AVS evaluation board featuring the Timberwolf™ ZL38063 audio processor
• Raspberry Pi3
• 32GB micro SD card
• JBL Clip2 speaker
• USB power supply
• Pillar (Plastics)
• Assembly hardware
• Documentation

The ZLK38AVS2 kit helps developers to quickly and easily set up a smart speaker prototype that demonstrates an extended range voice recognition interface. The kit is designed to recognize the Alexa wake word and provide enhanced voice commands for cloud processing in adverse audio environments. The development kit has been tested and is recommended on the Amazon AVS developer website.

As always, please connect with me on LinkedIn if I may be of assistance and answer any questions.

Visit us again soon when I’ll go into more detail on Microsemi’s ZL380 series of audio processors that feature the company’s innovative AcuEdge™ Technology.

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