System Solutions For Refinery Network Infrastructure To Be Efficient and Secure

Dealing with high production costs, strict safety regulations and fierce competition, the Oil and Gas companies are focused on making refineries more efficient and secure than ever before. The increasing need for improved business efficiency is driving them to achieve better asset management through real-time information and increased collaboration between field experts. Moreover, bound by various safety regulations, they are exploring ways to make plants more safe and secure with continuous monitoring. Today’s Oil and Gas companies are increasingly implementing Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) Access Points and IP surveillance cameras to deliver new levels of efficiency and safety, making network power availability, flexibility and affordability the key to maximize ROI.

Power Over Ethernet (PoE) for Oil and Gas

PoE technology provides a reliable and affordable source of power over the same Ethernet network that is widely used for Wireless Access Points and Video Surveillance Cameras. Microsemi’s trusted suite of Power over Ethernet (PoE) products are the perfect solution for remote powering of WLANs and PTZ cameras that facilitate workforce mobility and collaboration, real-time monitoring and communication, and improved visibility and security in the plants.

While protecting your existing IT investments, Microsemi’s 15 W to 95 W of full power, single and multi-port PoE Midspan Injectors and Switches ensure network power availability, flexibility and affordability for all indoor, outdoor and industrial applications, making operations efficient, safe and secure even in some of the most remote or hazardous sites.

Key product features beneficial to the Oil and Gas industry include:

● Plug and play capability for simplified installation
● Ruggedized for harsh refinery environments
– IEEE 802.3af / at PoE standard compliant
– Broad temperature range from -40°C to 75°C
– Industrial rated IP30
– Advanced surge protection as per standards IEC61643-21, GR1089, ITU-T K.45
– Safety approval as per UL 508 standard
– Shock, freefall and vibration resistance as per specific IEC 60068 standards
● SFP uplink to extend the network reach by up to 10 Km
● High power, full power PoE Midspan Injectors and Switches powering IP connected devices such as Wi-Fi Access Points and high-resolution cameras
● Higher bandwidth 802.11ac Wave 2 deployments with 2.5G and 10G PoE Midspans and Switches

Microsemi has been a leading provider of end-to-end PoE ICs, Midspan Injectors and Switches for indoor and outdoor deployments since 1999. As a technology thought leader, Microsemi has contributed significantly to IEEE 802.3af, IEEE 802.3at, IEEE 802.3bt and HDBaseT standards and continues to innovate PoE solutions with the aim of supporting newer applications demanding higher power, greater speed, and challenging indoor and outdoor specifications, while ensuring lower OpEx and faster deployment.

Timing Solutions for Oil and Gas – GPS Referenced Time and Frequency Clock

Oil and gas explorations require excellent data logging and audit tracking to ensure that any analysis performed on the massive amount of data collected is accurately time stamped. Accurate time stamping is important to the efficient operation of enterprise networks used in oil and gas organizations. Microsemi provides a high level of accuracy with its SyncServer® and bus card products that are essential for the synchronization of networks used in oil and gas datacenters. These timing products have been optimized to provide the accurate time stamping needed along with offering the resiliency and reliability needed for these applications.

Explore Microsemi’s solutions for high-performance Industrial Ethernet Networking platforms:

● PoE Systems
● Carrier Grade NTP and PTP Solutions

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