Systems for Campus Network Infrastructure: WLAN Access Points, Surveillance, IP Phones, and More

Technology and connectivity demands on K-12 campuses, as well as higher education institutions, continue to push outdated network infrastructure and systems to their limits.

In particular, demand for high-speed remote data access and campus physical security drives reliance on powered devices (PDs) including:

● Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) access points
● IP surveillance cameras
● Thin / Zero Clients
● IP phones

With the greater use of PDs, the need for affordable, accessible and reliable power increases accordingly, while also requiring the promise of future adaptability. Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology allows powering, centrally backing-up and resetting remote devices, without the need for a certified electrician. Microsemi’s PoE portfolio ensures flexibility, reliability, and optimal powering throughout the life of your campus network.

For campus infrastructure, an IP video surveillance network starts with accurate and precise network timing synchronization to provide network time to IP cameras distributed throughout the campus. Microsemi is the leader in NTP servers, which connect to various potential sources of synchronization, including GPS inputs, and accurately distribute network time using the NTP protocol. Microsemi’s NTP servers are also well-suited to operate as the master clock for display networks commonly found in K-12 campuses.

For service providers looking to increase network edge capacity and coverage to deliver advanced wireless services for campus hotspots, Microsemi also provides complete timing systems for network time synchronization, and accurate time stamping across distributed systems. Enabling indoor and outdoor deployment wireless network deployment options, Microsemi’s time and synchronization solutions for campus networks are ideal for multiple applications including small cells for dense LTE coverage and backhaul to eNodeBs at the LTE network edge.

More on systems for campus network infrastructure.

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