TimeProvider 5000: High Capacity, Redundant Hardware, Maximum Network Availability

TimeProvider® 5000 is an IEEE 1588-2008 standard–compliant grandmaster clock with a carrier-grade design that provides high client capacity, hardware-based packet processing, and redundant hardware to deliver scalable performance and maximum network availability. When locked to a GNSS input, the TimeProvider 5000 meets the applicable performance requirements of the ITU-T G.8272 standard for a primary reference time clock (PRTC).

With dual input/output clock cards in active and standby mode, TimeProvider 5000 ensures that there is no impact on client performance when failover occurs. Redundant cards provide protection far superior to network redundancy models in which clients must reacquire synchronization from a different grandmaster somewhere else in the

Protection of the input clock source has become increasingly important. TimeProvider 5000’s new IMC card has support for dual GNSS inputs. In addition, TimeProvider 5000 supports auto-switching of the input source between E1/T1 and GPS based on clock quality-level and user-priority settings. With hardware-based time stamping and packet processing, TimeProvider 5000 delivers high client capacity at full rates up to 128 messages per second with performance that does not degrade as the number of clients increases.

TimeProvider 5000 supports userconfigurable PTP profiles, including default, Telecom-2008, ITU-T G.8265.1, ITU-T G.8275.1, ITU-T G.8275.2, and hybrid profiles. PTP profiles can be configured to operate as IPv4 or IPv6. Support for multiple standard profiles ensures full interoperability with clients in multi-vendor environments. Synchronous Ethernet output is also supported with full traceability and ESMC support. With optional NTP server capability, TimeProvider 5000 supports multiple vendors and protocols found at mobile network base station sites. Both PTP and NTP protocols operate simultaneously with PTP- and NTP-based clients.

The two ports of an IOC card can be separately configured, one for PTP and one for NTP, allowing the standby IOC card to protect for both protocols. NTP capacity is up to 20,000 transactions per second (TPS), and PTP capacity remains at up to 1000 clients. TimeProvider 5000 serves as the initial unit in a “rack and stack” configuration with TimeProvider Expansion products. These units add capabilities to the TimeProvider portfolio. Each Time Provider Expansion10 adds 16 Ethernet ports that support SyncE as well as PTP, while each TimeProvider Expansion30 adds 12 E1 and 12 1PPS/TOD ports.

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