Wireless Communication and Radio Frequency to Monitor Patients: Mobile, Flexible, and Easy to Use

Wireless communications and radio frequency (RF) technologies play an increasingly important role in mobile patient monitoring, whether for pulse, blood pressure, glucose levels or other biometric parameters. This mobility, flexibility and ease of use are fundamental to improving patient care and quality of life. Portable wireless monitors can move with the patient, seamlessly providing remote monitoring capabilities whether in the hospital or at home.

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Ultra-low Power Sub-GHz Transceivers

Combining wireless technology advances with smart wearables for remote patient monitoring and disease management, wireless patient monitoring solutions enable a more accurate and comprehensive healthcare experience. The availability of ultra low power radios and vital sign front end detectors have enabled the design of wireless sensors with extended battery life.

For example, ultra low power (ULP) wireless temperature sensors can be designed from a combination of harvested energy and a rechargeable battery. The diagram below shows an example of an ULP wireless sensor using Thermo Electric Generators (TEG). These are devices which convert heat (temperature differences) directly into electrical energy, using a phenomenon called the “Seebeck effect.”

There are specific requirements to implement an ultra low power, multi vital sign wireless sensor, based on Energy Harvesting. Delivering ultra-low peak current, Microsemi sub-GHz radio transceivers support the design of very compact, short range wireless sensors that can be powered by small coin cell batteries or energy harvesting sources over extended period of time.

Microsemi is a leading provider of industrial, automotive, medical, and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, products and services and a world leader in ultra-low power (ULP) medical wireless technologies, having introduced the industry’s first RF medical implant communication service (MICS) band transceiver designed for “in-body communications.”

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