Ethernet in Infrastructure: High Value-Added Systems and Services for Enterprise (Part 3/3)

Microsemi’s leading reverse power feeding (RPF) technology enables remote powering of the distribution point unit (DPU) from the
customer premise gateway.

Key Advantages
• I2C-manageable reverse power feeding with FairPower™ sharing (<3% current match), configurable dynamic power sharing, and multiple reference designs available • MeLT solutions for voice and line testing with separate SLIC, CODEC, and LTAS for easy debugging, as well as single/dual (EU/NA) LTAS versus four for competition • and xDSL line drivers with reference designs, suited for analog front end subsystems • Ultra-low jitter, small footprint timing ICs including clock synthesis, rate conversion, and fanout buffers for easier, high-reliability clock tree designs • Ethernet PHYs and network processors with G.999 support at the processor, and flexible single–quad 10GE PHYs with multiple interface options

Category, Part Numbers, and Function

Broadband Gateway (Non-DSL)

The proliferation of connected devices drives consumer demand for high-bandwidth broadband access in the home. Microsemi’s semiconductor systems portfolio delivers the right connectivity for voice, data, and power, simplifying your design and delivery of broadband gateway products needed to optimize the service experience for customers. Microsemi’s broadband gateway solutions
portfolio addresses various key non-DSL applications, including cable customer premises equipment (CPE), Ethernet analog terminal adapters (ATAs), and FTTH optical network terminals (ONTs), both indoor and outdoor.

Key Advantages

• Innovator and thought-leader in Ethernet technologies with a broad portfolio specifically designed for Ethernet networking applications, including Ethernet ICs, systems, software, IP and ecosystem solutions
• Leading provider of end-to-end PoE ICs and midspans/injectors since 1999, with broadest PoE product portfolio for indoor and outdoor deployments including:
– Highest integration, lowest power dissipation ideal diode bridges
– Lowest RDS(ON) PD ICs

Category, Part Numbers, and Function Gateway

Microsemi is a leading provider of semiconductor system solutions for, VDSL2, and other xDSL CPEs, delivering the optimum connectivity solutions for voice, data, and power in your broadband gateway applications.

Key Advantages

• Comprehensive portfolio of highest-integration Wi-Fi single/dual-band FEM, PA, and LNA with several Wi-Fi SoC joint reference designs available
• High-linearity 11ac/1024 QAM performance for 3×3, 4×4, and 8×8 MIMO applications
• Stay-flat DEVM for 8–1250 symbols
• Voice line circuits with reference designs, ideal for POTS on indoor SFU (HGU) or gateways

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Industrial PoE Switch

Subject to harsh environments, industrial network equipment must operate reliably and consistently under extreme conditions. With machines and various equipment types increasingly intelligent and connected, often in remote or hard-to-reach locations, delivering data and power to networked devices is becoming more and more complex. Industrial PoE switches solve the challenge
of powering networked devices—such as wireless access points, IP phones, IP surveillance cameras, and other PoE-enabled devices—in rugged industrial environments. Microsemi provides a comprehensive industrial product portfolio including Ethernet switches, PoE PSE ICs, FPGAs, timing devices, and power management, accelerating time to market with interoperable, scalable solutions, and simplifying network deployment and management.

Key Advantages

• Only IC, systems, and software provider with poweroptimized, flexible, and reliable industrial networking solutions supporting both Ethernet and fieldbus protocols
• Industry’s only complete industrial Ethernet switch solution with optimized switch configurations and software stack
• Industry-pioneering innovator and thought-leader in PoE technology, and a major source of IEEE 802.3af, IEEE 802.3at, IEEE 802.3bt, and HDBaseT standards
• Industry’s most comprehensive, field-proven, and cost-effective IEEE 1588 solutions • Only supplier of flash-based FGPAs with support for legacy industrial interfaces

With an industry-leading product portfolio including semiconductors, systems, services, and software, Microsemi solutions are engineered to help you design, deploy, or manage virtually any type of communications infrastructure equipment. Contact your local Microsemi sales office today to find the right technologies and products for your communications network infrastructure needs.

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