IP Security Camera Solutions: FPGA-Based Video Processing + PowerView Pro Management Software

PowerView Pro Power Management Software

PowerView Pro is an advanced power management system that enables the enterprise to monitor power consumption and remotely control power on-off. PowerView Pro prevents intrusion into the data and power networks. It is essential that data and power control functions be secured against unauthorized personnel.

PowerView Pro Features:

• SNMPv3 IPv4 & IPv6
• Remotely reboot PD’s
• Port Scheduling (Turn on/off, saves energy, prevents intrusion)
• Prioritize ports to increase UPS life
• Set traps, alerts and monitor power consumption, and more
• PowerViewPro Live demo 24/7 at:

FPGA-based Video Processing

Microsemi SmartFusion2 SoC and Igloo2 FPGA device families enable IP camera manufacturers to design reliable, low power, video co-processing or single-chip video processing platforms that can:

• Quickly adapt to the market dynamics while maintaining system reliability, safety, and security by reprogramming with IP protection and secure boot features to support evolving video sensor interfaces, video processing requirements, and new/evolving networking standards.
• Increase design integration with intellectual property (IP) and embedded processors to reduce component count/board space/power and therefore enhance system reliability and streamline the supply chain.
• Scale system performance with the addition of embedded processors and IP hardware accelerators.
• Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) with long FPGA life cycles and faster time to market to enable a single SoC/FPGA-based platform for multiple products.

FPGA-based Motor Control

The parallel processing nature of FPGAs also enables the FPGA sub-system to control the camera motors for motion-based IP security cameras. Microsemi motor control solutions are designed specially to meet the challenging industrial requirements of performance, reliability, and safety in an easy-to-use environment. The solution is compliant with industry coding standards such
as MISRA C-2004 for developing safe and reliable software for embedded applications. Microsemi offers a modular intellectual property (IP) portfolio, tools, reference designs, kits, and software for motors such as permanent-magnet synchronous motor (PMSM)/brushless DC (BLDC) and stepper motors.

FPGA Selection Guides

Power Management

Microsemi secondary side DC/DC power management products offer ultra-fast regulation, high efficiency, and small footprint for IP camera applications. With currents as high as 12 amps and for input voltages from 3.3V, 5V, or 12V nominal voltage supplies, Microsemi has the regulators and power modules for your IP camera loads. Microsemi’s Hysteretic Control Step-Down Switching Regulators provide best-in-class transient performance, which allows small, resilient and low cost power supply designs.

Regulators and Power Modules, 12V Input Voltage and LDOs and Regulators 3.3V and 5V Input

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