IP Security Camera Solutions: Diode Bridges + PoE PSE and PD ICs + PoE Midspans, Hubs, and Switches

Every PoE PD device requires Diode Bridges at its input. Diode bridges are used to deal with different cable polarities, with power coming from either wires 1,2,3,6 or wires 4,5,7,8 in the Ethernet cable, and in 4-pairs implementations, from both. Microsemi offers reliable regular diode bridges, as well as high efficiency, low footprint dual ideal diode bridges for PoE applications. Easy to add to a design, Microsemi’s PD70224 Ideal Dual Diode Bridge allows a designer to have the same layout supporting regular, Schottky and ideal diodes, making it easy to fit into the different PoE Class power budgets without knowing the exact power consumption of the application.

PoE PSE and PD ICs

Microsemi has the broadest PoE product line in the industry, including PoE PD IC’s, PoE PSE IC’s, Midspans and Test Equipment. The PD chip product line includes PD chips with and without integrated PWM controllers, which can be used as a compact way to convert PoE input power to one or more output voltages in a Powered Device.

PoE PSE Managers

IP Cameras and Video Servers have in many cases embedded PoE switches, which can be used to power additional cameras. Microsemi’s has the industry broadest portfolio of PoE PSE IC’s, with 1, 4, 8 and 12-port solutions.

PoE Midspans, Hubs and Switches

Deploying IP cameras, whether indoor or outdoor, requires Power over Ethernet. Microsemi offers PoE Midspans for indoor IP camera installations and PoE Midspans, Hubs and Managed Switches for Outdoor installations, with a vast portfolio that helps deployment into new locations, as well as easy upgrade of analog CCTV to IP cameras, using existing 24VAC or DC power infrastructure.

PowerView Pro Power Management Software

PowerView Pro is an advanced power management system that enables the enterprise to monitor power consumption and remotely control power on-off. PowerView Pro prevents intrusion into the data and power networks. It is essential that data and power control functions be secured against unauthorized personnel.

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