Solutions for Indoor Wireless Networks: Education, Retail, Health Care, and Transportation

This is the second of two articles on Microsemi’s solutions for wireless networks.

Indoor Wireless Networks

Adding PoE to data infrastructures is made easy with PoE midspans installed in communication rooms in conjunction with Ethernet switches. Microsemi’s PoE midspans offer full PoE of up to 95 W per device to allow smooth powering of wireless LAN access points, small cells, and other network devices.

Where Microsemi PoE Can Help You


Colleges and universities face major challenges extending network access throughout campuses to support the exponential growth of mobile computing associated with “One-toone (1:1) computing” and BYOD. Education campuses can encompass dozens of buildings, sometimes housed in older facilities where rewiring costs can become prohibitive. Microsemi’s PoE Midspans eliminate the need
for local AC power sources, enabling fast and simple installation of WLAN access points, together with power savings and enhanced security, driven by forced power shut down during night time and weekends features. Microsemi’s advanced NBASE-T products facilitate the deployment of 2.5G IEEE 802.11ac Wave 2 access points in any existing Ethernet network, while offering a simple andcost effective option to upgrade existing 1000Base-T switches to 2.5G. Microsemi’s outdoor switch portfolio offers outdoor powering solutions of point-to-point microwave radios in building to building connectivity, as well as surveillance cameras and small cells.

Health Care

Using the proven ability of wireless IT applications to improve treatment at the point of care and to support clinical decisions by providing instant access to medical records, healthcare organizations have been able to improve responsiveness and treatment accuracy and to save lives as well as millions of dollars in improved effectivity and response time. PoE Midspans power WLAN access points as well as patient monitors, allowing guaranteed device up-time and eliminating AC cabling.


With some of the lowest net margins of any sector, the retail industry has strong motivation to maximize savings in hardware investments. Today, however, connections between offices and outlets cost a fraction of what leased lines cost, enabling retail store integration into the overall IT infrastructure. This has allowed retailers to take advantage of IT systems to become much more customer-centric by gaining real-time information from stores, employees, supply chains, and customers. PoE midspans power outdoor backhaul and enable point-to-point connectivity between retail buildings and offices.


Microsemi’s reliable PoE products offer advanced indoor, outdoor, and industrial solutions that enable wireless broadband mobility, station connectivity, IP surveillance, monitoring, and communications for railway stations, airports, metros, and bus stations. For example, mobility provides onboard passenger Wi-Fi associated with IP video cameras that monitor and report activity in multiple settings, such as airports, train stations, bus stops, and maintenance yards, as well as on-board buses, trains, and other transportation. Microsemi’s PoE solutions help create a converged network infrastructure that transforms transit systems worldwide.

How Will You Power That?

Thinking about how to power a wireless network may sometimes be an afterthought. But how you will power your wireless network is an important conversation that you’re likely not having but
should: PoE midspans/injectors offer a tangible and simple cost-savings solution, delivering the most reliable, efficient, and configurable PoE for any wireless network today.

Why Partner with Microsemi?

Microsemi Corporation, known for its innovation and highly reliable products, is a leading provider of PoE Systems and IC’s, delivering up to 95W over a single Category 5/5E/6/6A/7 cable in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Microsemi’s PoE Selection Guide.

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