Increased Wireless Data Traffic Requires Fast, Cost-Effective, Secure and Reliable Solutions

The Network Challenge

Increased Wireless Data Traffic

The proliferation of Wi-Fi-based devices, together with the growing number of data-intensive mobile applications, has created an astounding demand for powerful wireless Wi-Fi access points, 3G/4G small cells, and wireless backhaul equipment. These require fast and cost-effective installations, as well as secure, reliable power sources.

Fast and Cost-Effective Installation

WLAN access points, small cells, and wireless backhaul equipment are typically installed in hard-to-reach places, like ceilings and building roofs, where AC power is rarely located. In campus environments with multiple buildings and facilities, the installation of these devices must be fast, simple, and cost-effective.

From 1G Ethernet to 10G and the Bottleneck

The rapid adoption of IEEE 802.11ac Wave 1 and especially Wave 2 are shattering the 1 Gbps throughput barrier of 1000BASE-T Ethernet. Enterprises seeking throughput beyond Gigabit Ethernet for client access are bumping up against a real problem: the nominal 1 Gbps limitation of legacy Category 5e/6 cabling in most of the installed infrastructure worldwide today. Retrofitting buildings with the newer Cat 6A cabling needed for 10GBASE-T is an option, but can be prohibitively disruptive and costly. With a cost outlay of $200 to $800 USD per new cable for hundreds of access points, the cost of retrofitting an established campus can easily exceed multiple $100,000s.

Secured Wireless Solution

Secured wireless has become an integral part of our society and any wireless network. New standards and encryption methods are developed daily, and users are seeking additional ways to increase their network security and prevent possible hacking attacks.

Why Choose Microsemi PoE for Wireless Networks?

• Fast and cost-effective upgrade of 1000BASE-T Ethernet infrastructure to support the newest 802.11ac 2.5 Gbps technology using the 2.5G PoE Mux
• Save installation costs by leveraging existing switch and Cat5 cabling infrastructure to carry power over the same cables as data
• Power savings through remote power shutdown during time off periods and secure networks with complete power shutdown at sensitive times

NBASE-T and PoE Solutions

The NBASE-T standard defines 2.5G and 5G speeds over Cat 5e/Cat 6, with the 2.5G speed reaching the same 100 meters using the existing 1000BASE-T switch. Microsemi offers a 2.5G NBASE-T-compliant mux that connects to an existing 1000BASE-T switch to provide a 2.5G link as well as standard PoE to connect the 802.11 Wave 2 WLAN access point. Microsemi’s PoE solutions also include 2.5G and 10G PoE midspans used to upgrade NBASE-T networks without PoE capabilities.

Outdoor Wireless Networks

PoE technology has been implemented in outdoor environments over the last few years. With Microsemi’s industry-leading outdoor PoE solutions, customers can leverage PoE’s well-known advantages in extreme weather conditions typically associated with microwave point-to-point, small cells, and surveillance camera installations.

See my article coming soon for more information on indoor wireless networks and how Microsemi can help you.

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