Phase Leg SiC MOSFET Modules: Built with SiC MOSFETs & SiC Diodes for Advantages of Both Devices

Microsemi’s Phase Leg SiC MOSFET Modules are built with SiC MOSFETs and SiC Diodes, and therefore combine the advantages of both devices:


  • Low RDS(on)
  • High temperature performance

SiC Schottky Diode

  • Zero reverse recovery
  • Zero forward recovery
  • Temperature Independent switching behavior
  • Positive temperature coefficient on VF

…In addition to that, Microsemi’s Phase Leg SiC MOSFET Modules have the following features:

  • Kelvin source for easy drive
  • Very low stray inductance
  • M5 power connectors
  • Internal thermistor for temperature monitoring
  • AlN substrate for improved thermal performance

Phase Leg SiC MOSFET Module Benefits

  • Outstanding performance at high frequency operation
  • Direct mounting to heatsink (isolated package)
  • Low junction to case thermal resistance
  • Low profile
  • Low stray inductance package

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