Switchtec PAX PCIe Advanced Fabric Switch: Scalable, Low-Latency, and Cost-Effective

Switchtec PAX Advanced Fabric Switches Available Now for Fabric Connectivity and Composability of Multi-Host GPU and NVMe SR-IOV SSD Systems

The Switchtec PAX PCIe advanced fabric switch provides high-performance fabric connectivity and composability for multi-host graphics processing unit (GPU) and NVMe single function and SR-IOV solid state drive (SSD) systems. As the use of GPUs for deep learning, artificial intelligence, and machine learning make groundbreaking improvements in areas of image classification, speech recognition, autonomous driving, bioinformatics, and video analytics, the need for efficient parallel GPU computing continues to grow. Microsemi’s Switchtec PCIe advanced fabric switches provide a scalable, low-latency, and cost-effective multi-host interconnect for a network of GPUs, NVMe SSDs, and other PCIe endpoints.

PAX was demonstrated with Nvidia GPUs and Samsung SR-IOV SSDs at the Open Compute Project (OCP) Summit in March, receiving strong customer interest. PAX samples are available now for approved Tier 1 customers.

More information on Switchtec PAX Gen3 Advanced Fabric PCIe Switches.

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