Support Long-Term OTN Network Expansion Needs with DIGI-G5

Hey, I’m Scott Wakelin with Microsemi. I was recently at OFC 2018 and would like to introduce you to our latest generation OTN processor, DIGI-G5. This 5th generation OTN processor is based on our award-winning DIGI technology and enables terabit OTN capacity for flexible optical networks. At 1.2 Tbps of combined OTN and client interfaces, DIGI-G5 is the first to market with newly standardized 25/50/200 and 400GE, Flexible OTN and Flexible Ethernet. It also has an integrated security engine to enable flexible encrypted optical connections.

DIGI-G5 comes at critical inflection point as the industry transitions to OTN 3.0. With network bandwidth projected to grow 2.5x by 2021, OTN transport must evolve in three main areas:

– Capacity
– Flexibility
– Security

DIGI-G5 is specifically engineered to address these needs. For example, it enables higher capacity OTN systems by scaling port density 3x and reducing power per port by 50%. With the new 25/50/200 and 400GE and FlexE rates, DIGI-G5 delivers a flexible optical transport solution. And since cloud workloads require secured connectivity to and between data centers, with DIGI-G5, wirespeed low latency OTN encryption for beyond 100G is now a reality.

At Microsemi, our DIGI OTN processor portfolio has been instrumental in enabling the mass deployment of 100G OTN switched networks. DIGI-G5 supports long-term OTN network expansion needs, readily enabling higher capacity, scalable systems for the 5G and cloud era.

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