Microsemi’s Timing & Synchronization Products and Solutions Generate More Than 90% of the World’s Time

Benjamin Franklin is often credited as the first person to state “time is money” in the form of an advice to a young tradesman. And though at that time it was said in terms of the opportunity cost, the statement is true today more than ever in its literal sense.

The simplest and most obvious example of that statement is the stock market. You may think you are competing against other people or stock brokers in the market. But the truth is that you are competing against time. A regular computer with a faster connectivity can complete a transaction in the realm of a few milliseconds. If you add high end technology also referred to high-frequency trading, this time goes down to microseconds.

And though this is the most in your face example, almost everything around us requires time to function properly. Ever think about how the files stored on your computer or server get timestamped, or why they need timestamps? Ever wonder how Google Maps gets your location, ever have a dropped call on your cellphone, lose data connectivity in the middle of that FaceTime call? As the world moves towards connected devices, what would happen if these devices are not in sync (do not have the same time).

We all know that most of our devices get the time from GPS satellites. But where do the GPS satellites get their time? We also know that the earth’s rotation is cyclical, slowing down by a few milliseconds per day then speeding up again. How do we compensate for this variation in the earth’s motion?

Microsemi has been a pioneer in generating and distributing time over the last 40 years. Our timing and synchronization solutions generate more than 90% of the world’s time! In the coming months, we will share some interesting concepts and applications on how “time” plays an important role in several industries – how do we generate time, how we distribute time and why is there a need to protect time.

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