Cyber Security is the #1 Concern for Connected Devices on the Network Edge

It is not enough for today’s demanding applications to meet the functional requirements of their design—they must do so in a secured way. Security starts during silicon manufacturing and continues through system deployment and operations. Microsemi’s PolarFire FPGAs represent the industry’s most advanced secure programmable FPGAs.

Prevent Overbuilding & Cloning with Microsemi’s Secure Production Programming Solution

Protect Your Valuable Design IP From Copying and Reverse Engineering with Design Security

Secure Hardware creates Root of Trust for your System

The Athena Group, Inc.TeraFire Cryptographic Processor for Data Security applications

Tamper detection and responses built into Microsemi PolarFire devices

Are Your Systems Safe

Watch this demonstration video from Cryptographic Research, a division of Rambus, the leaders in semiconductor security to see how easy it is to extract secrets from programmable logic devices that don’t use licensed DPA countermeasures.

Are SRAM-based FPGAs Secure?

SRAM-based FPGA’s lack the key capabilities required to create a trusted and secure hardware platform for a secure embedded system making them vulnerable to cloning, copying, and reverse engineering. Sensitive customer data can be attacked and embedded systems compromised.

Go here for security resources, design hardware, security solutions, application examples.

And, go here for featured applications for security including Programmic Logic Control and Smart Energy.

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