Microsemi: A True Broad-Range FPGA Supplier

Microsemi’s non-volatile FPGAs have maintained a leadership position in reliability, low-power, and security for several product generations. With the end of Moore’s law and Dennard scaling, long with the exponential growth rate of connect devices and human interaction with those devices, the value of our leadership in those domains has been enhanced. With the introduction of the PolarFire family of FPGAs, Microsemi has made significant advances in all domains: Microsemi has taken a leadership position with cost-optimized mid-range devices, delivering the lowest power at densities up to 500K logic elements (LEs) for communications, defense, and industrial markets, and Microsemi is now a true broad-range FPGA supplier―offering families from 1K to 500K LEs, addressing mainstream applications while delivering all the benefits of non-volatile technologies. With the introduction of the PolarFire family, the market now has a cost-optimized mid-range FPGA solution that delivers outstanding power efficiency, significantly higher security, and reliability compared to alternative solutions.

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