PSE ICs to Support New BT Standard

Microsemi PSE ICs are ready to support IEEE 802.3bt with a firmware upgrade (a.k.a. “BT FW”). The BT FW would support all BT features including single signature PDs, dual-signature PDs, power management, LLDP, auto-class, and short MPS.

Customers that would like to migrate their system to support the new standard would follow the below guidelines:



  • Upgrade the PD69200x PoE controller to the new BT FW version (PD69200x-03xxxx)
  • Perform the necessary modifications to the host MCU software to support the new BT commands based on Microsemi’s latest IEEE802.3bt compatible Communication protocol and flow chart (BT API can also be offered)
  • Configure the BT FW parameters to best fit desirable system requirements (power management, legacy support, etc.)



  • Magnetic and PCB layout should meet the new power levels per the 802.3bt (~1 amp per pairset)
  • Power supply should support higher power and output voltage compared to the 802.3at to fit the IEEE802.3bt per-port power levels
  • Follow Microsemi’s layout guidelines to optimize thermal management and learn about the possible 4-pair ports system configurations


Please connect with me on LinkedIn here; and, also feel free to let me know if you have any questions.

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