New PoE Switch for Digital Ceiling

We are happy to introduce you to our new PoE switch that is exclusively designed for the digital ceiling. The PDS-208G is a unique offering from Microsemi, differentiated from enterprise switches by enabling lighting fixtures and other Ethernet terminals to receive power and data over standard Ethernet cables in the most efficient manner possible.

Digital ceiling network-powered LED lighting systems are reshaping enterprises creating a new breed of smart buildings where everything is connected into a vast Internet of Things (IoT). You can capitalize on this opportunity with Microsemi’s new PDS-208G switch for the digital ceiling. Our digital ceiling solution enables you to effortlessly build an Ethernet infrastructure supporting both data and power for IP-based
luminaires in smart buildings.

The 240-watt (W) fanless switch supports full-power mode by providing 30 W for eight ports simultaneously, and any individual port can operate at up to 72 W. The high-speed PoE switch offers Layer 2 management capabilities, and its eight 10/100/1,000 megabits per second (Mbps) ports with PoE capabilities are based on Microsemi’s energy-efficient four-pair PoE technology, enabling 50 percent power loss savings on the Ethernet cables when compared to similar installations using an Ethernet switch. It also features two Gigabit ports that can be used for uplinks and can be remotely managed through Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) and the web. In addition, the switch is designed to perform software upgrades while keeping PoE ports active.

Supporting multiple building systems becomes a reality with the Microsemi digital ceiling switch. IP-based LED luminaires, sensors, Wi-Fi Access Points, IP surveillance cameras, and HVAC system controls can all be deployed, monitored, and controlled for optimum results and maximum cost savings.

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