Microsemi: PoE Sales and Marketing Tools

Microsemi offers various sales and marketing tools to support product knowledge and sales efforts:

PoE for Transportation Brochure
Transportation companies worldwide are looking to expand their network capabilities by leveraging wireless connectivity and IP security while optimizing infrastructure and maintenance costs. Microsemi’s reliable PoE products provide advanced indoor, outdoor, and industrial solutions to address the unique network requirements of the transportation industry and offer complete flexibility in enabling wireless broadband mobility, station connectivity, IP surveillance, monitoring, and communications in railway stations, airports, metros, and bus stations. Our solutions help create a converged network infrastructure, connecting people, processes, data, and things—helping you transform your transit systems. Check out the Microsemi PoE Transportation Brochure for more information.

PoE ICs Product Portfolio Presentation
This month, Microsemi has released a short splash overview presentation of the PoE ICs portfolio. Review this presentation to learn about the latest PoE IC product offerings, key value propositions, advantages over the competition, and utilize the discovery questions to help you uncover new PoE opportunities.

PoE Systems Brochure
There is an ever-increasing need to support indoor and outdoor network applications demanding higher power and greater speed, while balancing lower costs and faster deployment needs. As a leading provider of end-to-end PoE ICs and midspan injectors since 1999, Microsemi’s broad PoE portfolio delivers from 15 W to 95 W of full power with single and multi-port midspans/switches and accessories. Microsemi ensures highly reliable products with significant return-on-investment for both system integrators and end-users. Download the Microsemi PoE Brochure for the complete product portfolio.

Microsemi has been instrumental in implementing the IEEE 802.3af, IEEE 802.3at, IEEE 802.3bt, and HDBaseT standards. Microsemi continues to innovate PoE solutions with the aim of supporting newer applications demanding higher power, greater speed, and challenging indoor and outdoor specifications, while ensuring lower OpEx and faster deployment. For more information on Microsemi PoE offerings, please visit the Microsemi website.

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