SA50 Product Overview—Space Power Supply Demonstrated at Space Forum 2017

The SA50 series of radiation-hardened isolated DC-DC converters are highly configurable SMT power modules with significant flight heritage. They are available… in 120 V and 28 V input (with internal filter) standard versions and can be customized for other bus voltages. Standard modules are available in single, dual, and triple output versions.

The modules have 50 W of output power capability, which will dynamically distribute amongst the loads due to the inherent cross regulation characteristic utilizing patented load sharing techniques. Accuracy is excellent at less than 1% over temperature and radiation. Efficiency for a 5 V, ±15 V triple version is >86% at full load.

Additional features of the SA50 series include: internal reference, remote sense, inhibit, remote adjust, full NASA outgassing compliance, and an isolated sync input. It is also possible to configure multiple device outputs (up to 5) in parallel and cascade connections to achieve different output combinations.
Performance levels available for development and mission requirement levels are: P= Prototype; T= SEE Tolerant, TID Hard; H= SEE Hard, TID Hard

Full-design analysis support is available including: mechanical, thermal, WCA, FEMA, EMI, and radiation effects.

Please visit the product page at Rad-Hard Isolated DC to DC Converters.

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