Microsemi’s Commitment to Space

As part of our on-going commitment to the space industry, Microsemi recently… concluded our Space Forum 2017 events, scheduled across four different locations spanning North America (on-line), Europe, and India. These Space Forums are hosted in each global region every two years and have attracted senior management, program managers, system-level architects, hardware and software engineers, and component and quality engineering. The program was very comprehensive, showcasing focus products from our space product portfolio as well as sharing our technology roadmaps.

We featured a motor drive solution showcasing several devices, including the Dual Output SA50 DC-DC Power Convertor, the LX7720 Motor Drive Controller, the RTG4 FPGA, and the newly released LX7730 Telemetry Controller.

The dual output SA50 (SA50-50-5R5-12T) DC-DC power converter demonstrated Microsemi’s capability to power the LX7720 Radiation Tolerant Motor Controller and the RTG4 field programmable gate array (FPGA) from a standard satellite bus rail of 120 V.

The three LX7720 motor controllers were directly powered by the SA50 and were used to provide a live demonstration of multi-motor control using a graphical user interface (GUI) through a local laptop where each motor was controlled through the GUI separately.

The LX7730 Telemetry Controller sensed the pressure, temperature, magnetic field, and distance with the RTG4 retrieving these sensor values that were visibly displayed on screen.

Thank you again to our partners who reinforced the message of an extensive Microsemi ecosystem with their own videos and live demonstrations and adding to the value for all those in attendance.

For more information and to download the Space Forum presentations, please go here or contact me directly (Sylvia.Keane@Microsemi.com). And, connect with me on LinkedIn.

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